1989 NFL draft

Selection of college football players

1989 NFL draft
General information
Date(s)April 23–24, 1989
LocationNew York Marriott Marquis
in New York City, NY
335 total selections in 12 rounds
First selectionTroy Aikman, QB
Dallas Cowboys
Mr. IrrelevantEverett Ross, WR
Minnesota Vikings
Most selections (20)Chicago Bears
Fewest selections (4)Philadelphia Eagles
Hall of Famers
  • QB Troy Aikman
  • RB Barry Sanders
  • LB Derrick Thomas
  • CB Deion Sanders
  • S Steve Atwater
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The 1989 NFL draft (also known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting) was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. The draft was held April 23–24, 1989, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, New York.[1][2] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

Four of the first five players selected in the draft – quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Barry Sanders, linebacker Derrick Thomas, and cornerback Deion Sanders – would be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[3] Tackle Tony Mandarich, the only top five pick not inducted, is considered a draft bust.[4]

The 1989 NFL draft also helped set a major precedent, as Barry Sanders was selected with the third overall pick despite an NFL rule stating that collegiate juniors could not declare for the draft.[5] Since Barry Sanders was selected as a junior, it has become an expectation for top college players to declare for the draft after their junior season; the rule disallowing collegiate juniors in the NFL draft was lifted by the next draft. Sanders, the 1988 Heisman Trophy winner, was allowed to declare early when Oklahoma State was found guilty of numerous major NCAA rule violations and placed on five years' probation in January 1989.

Another precedent the draft helped set was how players were invited to the actual draft room. First overall selection Aikman was represented by Leigh Steinberg, who went with his client to the draft finding he was the only player there. As years followed, more players began getting invited to the draft.[6]

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [7] = Hall of Famer
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* = compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[7]
= Hall of Famer[8]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back EDGE Edge
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker[a] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. ^ Also known as placekicker (PK)
Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Dallas Cowboys Troy Aikman QB UCLA Pac-10
1 2 Green Bay Packers Tony Mandarich  OT Michigan State Big Ten
1 3 Detroit Lions Barry Sanders RB Oklahoma State Big Eight
1988 Heisman Trophy winner[9][10]
1 4 Kansas City Chiefs Derrick Thomas LB Alabama SEC
1 5 Atlanta Falcons Deion Sanders CB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
1 6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Broderick Thomas  LB Nebraska Big Eight
1 7 Pittsburgh Steelers Tim Worley  RB Georgia SEC
1 8 San Diego Chargers Burt Grossman  DE Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
1 9 Miami Dolphins Sammie Smith  RB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
1 10 Phoenix Cardinals Eric Hill  LB LSU SEC
1 11 Chicago Bears Donnell Woolford  CB Clemson ACC
1 12 Chicago Bears Trace Armstrong  DE Florida SEC
1 13 Cleveland Browns Eric Metcalf  WR Texas SWC
from Denver [R1 - 3]
1 14 New York Jets Jeff Lageman  DE Virginia ACC
1 15 Seattle Seahawks Andy Heck  OT Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
from Indianapolis[R1 - 4]
1 16 New England Patriots Hart Lee Dykes  WR Oklahoma State Big Eight
1 17 Phoenix Cardinals Joe Wolf  OG Boston College Ind. (I-A)
from Seattle[R1 - 5]
1 18 New York Giants Brian Williams  C Minnesota Big Ten
1 19 New Orleans Saints Wayne Martin  DE Arkansas SWC
1 20 Denver Broncos Steve Atwater S Arkansas SWC
from Cleveland[R1 - 6]
1 21 Los Angeles Rams Bill Hawkins  DE Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
1 22 Indianapolis Colts Andre Rison  WR Michigan State Big Ten
1 23 Houston Oilers David Williams  OT Florida SEC
1 24 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Ricketts  OT Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
1 25 Miami Dolphins Louis Oliver  S Florida SEC
1 26 Los Angeles Rams Cleveland Gary  RB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
1 27 Atlanta Falcons Shawn Collins  WR Northern Arizona Big Sky
1 28 San Francisco 49ers Keith DeLong  LB Tennessee SEC
2 29 Dallas Cowboys Steve Wisniewski  OG Penn State Ind. (I-A)
2 30 Detroit Lions John Ford  WR Virginia ACC
2 31 Cleveland Browns Lawyer Tillman  WR Auburn SEC
from Green Bay[R2 - 1]
2 32 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Elkins  QB Wake Forest ACC
2 33 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Danny Peebles  WR NC State ACC
2 34 Pittsburgh Steelers Carnell Lake  S UCLA Pac-10
2 35 Cincinnati Bengals Eric Ball  RB UCLA Pac-10
from Atlanta[R2 - 2]
2 36 Chicago Bears John Roper  LB Texas A&M SWC
from Miami[R2 - 3]
2 37 San Diego Chargers Courtney Hall  C Rice SWC
2 38 Atlanta Falcons Ralph Norwood  OT LSU SEC
from Washington[R2 - 4]
2 39 Dallas Cowboys Daryl Johnston  FB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
from L. A. Raiders[R2 - 5]
2 40 Phoenix Cardinals Walter Reeves  TE Auburn SEC
2 41 Denver Broncos Doug Widell  OG Boston College Ind. (I-A)
2 42 New York Jets Dennis Byrd  DE Tulsa Ind. (I-A)
2 43 New England Patriots Eric Coleman  CB Wyoming WAC
2 44 Seattle Seahawks Joe Tofflemire  C Arizona Pac-10
2 45 Los Angeles Rams Frank Stams  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
from Indianapolis [R2 - 6]
2 46 New Orleans Saints Robert Massey  CB North Carolina Central CIAA
2 47 Denver Broncos Warren Powers  DE Maryland ACC
from Cleveland [R2 - 7]
2 48 Los Angeles Rams Brian Smith  LB Auburn SEC
2 49 Philadelphia Eagles Jessie Small  LB Eastern Kentucky OVC
2 50 Houston Oilers Scott Kozak  LB Oregon Pac-10
2 51 San Diego Chargers Billy Joe Tolliver  QB Texas Tech SWC
from N. Y. Giants [R2 - 8]
2 52 Minnesota Vikings David Braxton  LB Wake Forest ACC
2 53 Los Angeles Rams Darryl Henley  CB UCLA Pac-10
from Buffalo[R2 - 9]
2 54 Chicago Bears Dave Zawatson  OG California Pac-10
2 55 Cincinnati Bengals Fred Childress  OG Arkansas SWC
2 56 San Francisco 49ers Wesley Walls  TE Ole Miss SEC
3 57 Dallas Cowboys Mark Stepnoski  C Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
3 58 Green Bay Packers Matt Brock  DE Oregon Pac-10
3 59 Detroit Lions Mike Utley  OG Washington State Pac-10
3 60 Kansas City Chiefs Naz Worthen  WR NC State ACC
3 61 Pittsburgh Steelers Derek Hill  WR Arizona Pac-10
3 62 Atlanta Falcons Keith Jones  RB Illinois Big Ten
3 63 New England Patriots Marv Cook  TE Iowa Big Ten
from Tampa Bay[R3 - 1]
3 64 New York Giants Bob Kratch  OG Iowa Big Ten
from San Diego[R3 - 2]
3 65 Chicago Bears Jerry Fontenot  OG Texas A&M SWC
from Miami[R3 - 3]
3 66 Washington Redskins Tracy Rocker  DT Auburn SEC
3 67 Phoenix Cardinals Mike Zandofsky  OG Washington Pac-10
3 68 Dallas Cowboys Rhondy Weston  DE Florida SEC
from L. A. Raiders via San Diego and L.A. Raiders[R3 - 4]
3 69 Denver Broncos Darrell Hamilton  OT North Carolina ACC
3 70 New York Jets Joe Mott  LB Iowa Big Ten
3 71 Seattle Seahawks Elroy Harris  RB Eastern Kentucky OVC
3 72 Indianapolis Colts Mitchell Benson  DT TCU SWC
3 73 New England Patriots Chris Gannon  DE Southwestern Louisiana Ind. (I-A)
3 74 Green Bay Packers Anthony Dilweg  QB Duke ACC
from Cleveland [R3 - 5]
3 75 Los Angeles Rams Kevin Robbins  OT Michigan State Big Ten
3 76 Philadelphia Eagles Robert Drummond  RB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
3 77 Houston Oilers Bubba McDowell  S Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
3 78 New York Giants Greg Jackson  S LSU SEC
3 79 New Orleans Saints Kim Phillips  CB North Texas Southland
3 80 Minnesota Vikings John Hunter  OT BYU WAC
3 81 Philadelphia Eagles Britt Hager  LB Texas SWC
from Chicago [R3 - 6]
3 82 Buffalo Bills Don Beebe  WR Chadron State Ind. (NAIA)
3 83 Cincinnati Bengals Erik Wilhelm  QB Oregon State Pac-10
3 84 San Francisco 49ers Keith Henderson  RB Georgia SEC
4 85 Dallas Cowboys Tony Tolbert  DE UTEP WAC
4 86 Detroit Lions Ray Crockett  CB Baylor SWC
4 87 Green Bay Packers Jeff Graham  QB Long Beach State Big West
4 88 Kansas City Chiefs Stan Petry  DB TCU SWC
4 89 Cincinnati Bengals Owens, KerryKerry Owens  LB Arkansas SWC
from Atlanta[R4 - 1]
4 90 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Anthony Florence  DB Bethune–Cookman MEAC
4 91 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerrol Williams  LB Purdue Big Ten
4 92 Miami Dolphins Holmes, DavidDavid Holmes  DB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
4 93 New York Giants Lewis Tillman  RB Jackson State SWAC
from San Diego [R4 - 2]
4 94 Phoenix Cardinals Jim Wahler  DT UCLA Pac-10
4 95 Chicago Bears Markus Paul  DB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
from L. A. Raiders via San Diego and L.A. Raiders [R4 - 3]
4 96 New England Patriots Maurice Hurst  CB Southern SWAC
from Washington [R4 - 4]
4 97 Denver Broncos Jake McCullough  DE Clemson ACC
4 98 New York Jets Ron Stallworth  DE Auburn SEC
4 99 Indianapolis Colts Pat Tomberlin  OG Florida State Ind. (I-A)
4 100 New England Patriots Michael Timpson  WR Penn State Ind. (I-A)
4 101 Seattle Seahawks Travis McNeal  TE Chattanooga SoCon
4 102 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Carlson  QB Weber State Big Sky
4 103 Seattle Seahawks Henry, JamesJames Henry  DB Southern Miss Ind. (I-A)
from Philadelphia [R4 - 5]
4 104 Houston Oilers Rod Harris  WR Texas A&M SWC
4 105 New York Giants Brad Henke  DT Arizona Pac-10
4 106 New Orleans Saints Michael Mayes  DB LSU SEC
4 107 Cleveland Browns Andrew Stewart  DE Cincinnati Ind. (I-A)
4 108 Minnesota Vikings Darryl Ingram  TE California Pac-10
4 109 Buffalo Bills Kolesar, JohnJohn Kolesar  WR Michigan Big Ten
4 110 Washington Redskins Erik Affholter  WR USC Pac-10
from Chicago via L. A. Raiders [R4 - 6]
4 111 Cincinnati Bengals Woods, RobRob Woods  OT Arizona Pac-10
4 112 San Francisco 49ers Mike Barber  WR Marshall SoCon
5 113 Dallas Cowboys Keith Jennings  TE Clemson ACC
5 114 Cleveland Browns Kyle Kramer  DB Bowling Green State MAC
from Green Bay [R5 - 1]
5 115 Detroit Lions Lawrence Pete  DT Nebraska Big Eight
5 116 Cleveland Browns Vernon Jones  WR Maryland ACC
from Kansas City [R5 - 2]
5 117 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jamie Lawson  RB Nicholls State Ind. (I-AA)
5 118 Pittsburgh Steelers David Arnold  DB Michigan Big Ten
5 119 Dallas Cowboys Willis Crockett  LB Georgia Tech ACC
from Atlanta via L. A. Raiders [R5 - 3]
5 120 San Diego Chargers Elliot Smith  DB Alcorn State SWAC
5 121 Miami Dolphins Jeff Uhlenhake  C Ohio State Big Ten
5 122 San Francisco 49ers Johnnie Jackson  CB Houston SWC
from L. A. Raiders[R5 - 4]
5 123 San Francisco 49ers Richard Tardits  LB Georgia SEC
5 124 Green Bay Packers Jeff Query  WR Millikin CCIW
from Washington [R5 - 5]
5 125 Dallas Cowboys Jeff Roth  DT Florida SEC
from Denver[R5 - 6]
5 126 New York Jets Tony Martin  WR Mesa State RMAC
5 127 Green Bay Packers Vince Workman  WR Ohio State Big Ten
from New England via Cleveland [R5 - 7]
5 128 Phoenix Cardinals Edeen, DavidDavid Edeen  DE Wyoming WAC
from Seattle
5 129 Washington Redskins Smiley, TimTim Smiley  DB Arkansas State Ind. (I-AA)
from Indianapolis
5 130 Chicago Bears Mark Green  RB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
from Philadelphia
5 131 Houston Oilers Glenn Montgomery  DT Houston SWC
5 132 New York Giants Dave Meggett  RB Towson Ind. (I-AA)
5 133 New Orleans Saints Kevin Haverdink  OT Western Michigan MAC
5 134 Denver Broncos Darren Carrington  S Northern Arizona Big Sky
from Cleveland
5 135 Los Angeles Rams Alfred Jackson  WR San Diego State WAC
5 136 Chicago Bears Gilbert, GregGreg Gilbert  LB Alabama SEC
5 137 Buffalo Bills Andrews, MichaelMichael Andrews  DB Alcorn State SWAC
5 138 Cincinnati Bengals Natu Tuatagaloa  DT California Pac-10
5 139 Washington Redskins Lybrant Robinson  DE Delaware State MEAC
fron San Francisco via L. A. Raiders
6 140 Los Angeles Raiders Jeff Francis  QB Tennessee SEC
from Dallas
6 141 Detroit Lions Rodney Peete  QB USC Pac-10
6 142 Green Bay Packers Chris Jacke  K UTEP WAC
6 143 Kansas City Chiefs Robb Thomas  WR Oregon State Pac-10
6 144 Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Stock  WR VMI SoCon
6 145 Atlanta Falcons Troy Sadowski  TE Georgia SEC
6 146 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chris Mohr  P Alabama SEC
6 147 Miami Dolphins Wes Pritchett  LB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
6 148 Los Angeles Rams Thom Kaumeyer  DB Oregon Pac-10
from San Diego
6 149 Washington Redskins A. J. Johnson  CB Southwest Texas State Southland
6 150 Phoenix Cardinals Jay Taylor  DB San Jose State Big West
6 151 New York Jets Marvin Washington  DE Idaho Big Sky
from L. A. Raiders
6 152 Denver Broncos Stafford, AnthonyAnthony Stafford  WR Oklahoma Big Eight
6 153 New York Jets Titus Dixon  WR Troy State Gulf South
6 154 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Little, DerrickDerrick Little  LB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
from Seattle
6 155 Indianapolis Colts Quintus McDonald  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
6 156 Los Angeles Raiders Doug Lloyd  RB North Dakota State NCC
from New England
6 157 Houston Oilers Bo Orlando  DB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
6 158 New York Giants Howard Cross  TE Alabama SEC
6 159 New Orleans Saints Floyd Turner  WR Northwestern State Southland
6 160 Cleveland Browns Wilkerson, GaryGary Wilkerson  DB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
6 161 Los Angeles Rams Mark Messner  LB Michigan Big Ten
6 162 Philadelphia Eagles Heath Sherman  RB Texas A&M–Kingsville LSC
6 163 Minnesota Vikings Jeff Mickel  OT Eastern Washington Big Sky
6 164 Buffalo Bills Sean Doctor  TE Marshall SoCon
6 165 New England Patriots Mitchell, EricEric Mitchell  RB Oklahoma Big Eight
from Chicago via L. A. Raiders
6 166 Cincinnati Bengals Craig Taylor  RB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
6 167 San Francisco 49ers Steve Hendrickson  LB California Pac-10
7 168 Dallas Cowboys Peterson, KevinKevin Peterson  LB Northwestern Big Ten
7 169 Green Bay Packers Mark Hall  DE Southwestern Louisiana Ind. (I-A)
7 170 Detroit Lions Jerry Woods  DE Northern Michigan GLIAC
7 171 Kansas City Chiefs Sancho, RonRon Sancho  LB LSU SEC
7 172 Atlanta Falcons Undra Johnson  RB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
7 173 Buffalo Bills Brian Jordan  DB Richmond Yankee
from Tampa Bay
7 174 Pittsburgh Steelers D. J. Johnson  DB Kentucky SEC
7 175 New York Giants Popp, DaveDave Popp  OT Eastern Illinois Gateway
from San Diego
7 176 Miami Dolphins Zdelar, JimJim Zdelar  OT Youngstown State Ind. (I-AA)
7 177 Phoenix Cardinals Royal, RickeyRickey Royal  DB Sam Houston Southland
7 178 New England Patriots Lindstrom, EricEric Lindstrom  LB Boston College Ind. (I-A)
from L. A. Raiders
7 179 Washington Redskins Hendrix, KevinKevin Hendrix  LB South Carolina Ind. (I-A)
7 180 Denver Broncos Melvin Bratton  RB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
7 181 New York Jets Stevon Moore  RB Ole Miss SEC
7 182 Indianapolis Colts Ivy Joe Hunter  RB Kentucky SEC
7 183 San Diego Chargers Marion Butts  RB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
from New England
7 184 Seattle Seahawks Nettles, MikeMike Nettles  DB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
7 185 Indianapolis Colts Charles Washington  DB Cameron LSC
from N. Y. Giants
7 186 New Orleans Saints David Griggs  LB Virginia ACC
7 187 Cleveland Browns Mike Graybill  OT Boston University Yankee
7 188 Los Angeles Rams George Bethune  LB Alabama SEC
7 189 Chicago Bears Brothers, RichardRichard Brothers  DB Arkansas SWC
from Philadelphia
7 190 Houston Oilers Tracy Rogers  LB Fresno State Big West
7 191 Minnesota Vikings Benji Roland  DT Auburn SEC
7 192 Chicago Bears Snyder, BrentBrent Snyder  QB Utah State Big West
7 193 Buffalo Bills Chris Hale  QB USC Pac-10
7 194 Cincinnati Bengals Kendal Smith  WR Utah State Big West
7 195 San Diego Chargers Terrence Jones  QB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
from San Francisco
8 196 Dallas Cowboys Charvez Foger  RB Nevada Big Sky
8 197 Detroit Lions Parker, ChrisChris Parker  DT West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
8 198 Green Bay Packers King, ThomasThomas King  DB Southwestern Louisiana Ind. (I-A)
8 199 Kansas City Chiefs Tobey, BryanBryan Tobey  RB Grambling State SWAC
8 200 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Carl Bax  OG Missouri Big Eight
8 201 Pittsburgh Steelers Asbeck, ChrisChris Asbeck  DT Cincinnati Ind. (I-A)
8 202 Atlanta Falcons Paul Singer  QB Western Illinois Gateway
8 203 Miami Dolphins Pete Stoyanovich  K Indiana Big Ten
8 204 San Diego Chargers Dana Brinson  WR Nebraska Big Eight
8 205 Los Angeles Raiders Derrick Gainer  RB Florida A&M MEAC
8 206 Green Bay Packers Shulman, BrianBrian Shulman  P Auburn SEC
8 207 Phoenix Cardinals Burch, JohnJohn Burch  RB UT Martin Gulf South
8 208 Denver Broncos Paul Green  TE USC Pac-10
8 209 New York Jets A. B. Brown  RB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
8 210 New England Patriots Rodney Rice  DB BYU WAC
8 211 Seattle Seahawks Williams, MarlinMarlin Williams  DE Western Illinois Gateway
8 212 Indianapolis Colts Kurt Larson  LB Michigan State Big Ten
8 213 New Orleans Saints Hadley, FredFred Hadley  WR Mississippi State SEC
8 214 Cleveland Browns Aeilts, RickRick Aeilts  TE Southeast Missouri State MIAA
8 215 Los Angeles Rams Warren Wheat  OT BYU WAC
8 216 Chicago Bears Woods, TonyTony Woods  DT Oklahoma Big Eight
8 217 Houston Oilers Alvoid Mays  DB West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
8 218 New York Giants Myron Guyton  DB Eastern Kentucky OVC
8 219 Minnesota Vikings Alex Stewart  DE Cal State Fullerton Big West
8 220 Kansas City Chiefs Todd McNair  RB Temple Ind. (I-A)
8 221 Chicago Bears Chris Dyko  OT Washington State Pac-10
8 222 Cincinnati Bengals Chenault, ChrisChris Chenault  LB Kentucky SEC
8 223 New England Patriots Tony Zackery  DB Washington Pac-10
9 224 Dallas Cowboys Tim Jackson  DB Nebraska Big Eight
9 225 Green Bay Packers Kirby, ScottScott Kirby  OT Arizona State Pac-10
9 226 Detroit Lions Derek MacCready  DE Ohio State Big Ten
9 227 Kansas City Chiefs Phillips, JackJack Phillips  DB Alcorn State SWAC
9 228 Pittsburgh Steelers Jenkins, A. J.A. J. Jenkins  DE Cal State Fullerton Big West
9 229 Atlanta Falcons Dunn, ChrisChris Dunn  LB Cal Poly Western
9 230 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Patrick Egu  RB Nevada Big Sky
9 231 San Diego Chargers Davis, PatPat Davis  TE Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
9 232 Miami Dolphins Batiste, DanaDana Batiste  LB Texas A&M SWC
9 233 Washington Redskins Darrington, CharlesCharles Darrington  TE Kentucky SEC
9 234 Phoenix Cardinals Kendall Trainor  K Arkansas SWC
9 235 Los Angeles Raiders Gooden, GaryGary Gooden  DB Indiana Big Ten
9 236 Denver Broncos Monte Smith  OG North Dakota State NCC
9 237 New York Jets Marlatt, PatPat Marlatt  DT West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
9 238 Seattle Seahawks Franks, DavidDavid Franks  OG Connecticut Yankee
9 239 Indianapolis Colts Mackall, WilliamWilliam Mackall  WR UT Martin Gulf South
9 240 New England Patriots Norris, DarronDarron Norris  RB Texas SWC
9 241 Denver Broncos Williams, WayneWayne Williams  RB Florida SEC
9 242 Los Angeles Rams Kirk, VernonVernon Kirk  TE Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
9 243 Chicago Bears LaSalle Harper  LB Arkansas SWC
9 244 Houston Oilers Bob Mrosko  TE Penn State Ind. (I-A)
9 245 New York Giants Greene, A.J.A.J. Greene  DB Wake Forest ACC
9 246 New Orleans Saints Leggett, JerryJerry Leggett  LB Cal State Fullerton Big West
9 247 New England Patriots Wilson, CurtisCurtis Wilson  C Missouri Big Eight
9 248 Chicago Bears Sanders, ByronByron Sanders  RB Northwestern Big Ten
9 249 Buffalo Bills Rabold, PatPat Rabold  DT Wyoming WAC
9 250 Cincinnati Bengals Stephens, RichardRichard Stephens  OT Tulsa Ind. (I-A)
9 251 San Francisco 49ers Harmon, RudyRudy Harmon  LB LSU SEC
10 252 Dallas Cowboys Rod Carter  LB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
10 253 Detroit Lions Jason Phillips  WR Houston SWC
10 254 Green Bay Packers Jessie, BenBen Jessie  DB Southwest Texas State Southland
10 255 Kansas City Chiefs Rob McGovern  LB Holy Cross Colonial League
10 256 Cincinnati Bengals Cornell Holloway  DB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
10 257 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Granger, TyTy Granger  OT Clemson ACC
10 258 Pittsburgh Steelers Jerry Olsavsky  LB Pittsburgh Ind. (I-A)
10 259 Miami Dolphins Glover, DevalDeval Glover  WR Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
10 260 San Diego Chargers Ricky Andrews  LB Washington Pac-10
10 261 Phoenix Cardinals Becker, ChrisChris Becker  P TCU SWC
10 262 Los Angeles Raiders Jackson, CharlesCharles Jackson  DT Jackson State SWAC
10 263 Washington Redskins Mark Schlereth  OG Idaho Big Sky
10 264 Denver Broncos Butts, AnthonyAnthony Butts  DT Mississippi State SEC
10 265 New York Jets Adam Bob  LB Texas A&M SWC
10 266 Indianapolis Colts Thompson, JimJim Thompson  OT Auburn SEC
10 267 New England Patriots Emanuel McNeil  DT UT Martin Gulf South
10 268 Seattle Seahawks Derrick Fenner  RB North Carolina ACC
10 269 Los Angeles Rams Mike Williams  WR Northeastern Ind. (I-AA)
10 270 Chicago Bears Millikan, ToddTodd Millikan  TE Nebraska Big Eight
10 271 Houston Oilers Tracy Johnson  RB Clemson ACC
10 272 New York Giants Lowe, RodneyRodney Lowe  DE Ole Miss SEC
10 273 New Orleans Saints Henderson, JoeJoe Henderson  RB Iowa State Big Eight
10 274 Cleveland Browns John Buddenberg  OT Akron Ind. (I-A)
10 275 Miami Dolphins Ross, GregGreg Ross  DT Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
10 276 Buffalo Bills Cheattom, CarloCarlo Cheattom  DB Auburn SEC
10 277 Chicago Bears Simpson, JohnJohn Simpson  WR Baylor SWC
10 278 Cincinnati Bengals Jean, BobBob Jean  QB New Hampshire Yankee
10 279 San Francisco 49ers Sinclair, AndyAndy Sinclair  C Stanford Pac-10
11 280 Dallas Cowboys Randy Shannon  LB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
11 281 Green Bay Packers Stallworth, CedricCedric Stallworth  DB Georgia Tech ACC
11 282 Detroit Lions Keith Karpinski  LB Penn State Ind. (I-A)
11 283 Kansas City Chiefs Marcus Turner  DB UCLA Pac-10
11 284 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mounts, RodRod Mounts  OG Texas A&M SWC
11 285 Pittsburgh Steelers Slater, BrianBrian Slater  WR Washington Pac-10
11 286 Atlanta Falcons Greg Paterra  RB Slippery Rock PSAC
11 287 San Diego Chargers Victor Floyd  RB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
11 288 Miami Dolphins Bert Weidner  DT Kent State MAC
11 289 San Francisco 49ers Bell, JimJim Bell  RB Boston College Ind. (I-A)
11 290 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Griffin, WillieWillie Griffin  DE Nebraska Big Eight
11 291 Phoenix Cardinals Hunter, JeffreyJeffrey Hunter  DE Albany State SIAC
11 292 Denver Broncos Richard Shelton  DB Liberty Ind. (Div. II)
11 293 New York Jets Holmes, ArtieArtie Holmes  DB Washington State Pac-10
11 294 New England Patriots Hinz, TonyTony Hinz  RB Harvard Ivy
11 295 Seattle Seahawks Baum, MikeMike Baum  DE Northwestern Big Ten
11 296 Indianapolis Colts Johnson, WayneWayne Johnson  QB Georgia SEC
11 297 Chicago Bears Nelms, JoeJoe Nelms  DT Cal Poly Western
11 298 Houston Oilers Smider, BrianBrian Smider  OT West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
11 299 New York Giants Rinehart, JeromeJerome Rinehart  LB UT Martin Gulf South
11 300 New Orleans Saints Calvin Nicholson  DB Oregon State Pac-10
11 301 Cleveland Browns Plocki, DanDan Plocki  K Maryland ACC
11 302 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Duncan, HerbHerb Duncan  WR Northern Arizona Big Sky
11 303 Minnesota Vikings Brad Baxter  RB Alabama State SWAC
11 304 Chicago Bears Streeter, GeorgeGeorge Streeter  DB Notre Dame Ind. (I-A)
11 305 Buffalo Bills Richard Harvey  LB Tulane Ind. (I-A)
11 306 Cincinnati Bengals Dana Wells  DT Arizona Pac-10
11 307 San Francisco 49ers McGee, NormNorm McGee  WR North Dakota NCC
12 308 Dallas Cowboys Scott Ankrom  WR TCU SWC
12 309 Detroit Lions James Cribbs  DE Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
12 310 Green Bay Packers Shiver, StanStan Shiver  DB Florida State Ind. (I-A)
12 311 Kansas City Chiefs Bill Jones  RB Southwest Texas State Southland
12 312 Pittsburgh Steelers Carlton Haselrig  OG Pitt-Johnstown N/A
12 313 Atlanta Falcons Tony Bowick  DT Chattanooga SoCon
12 314 Indianapolis Colts DuBose, WilliamWilliam DuBose  RB South Carolina State MEAC
12 315 Miami Dolphins J. B. Brown  DB Maryland ACC
12 316 Washington Redskins Jimmie Johnson  TE Howard MEAC
12 317 Washington Redskins Joe Mickles  RB Ole Miss SEC
12 318 Phoenix Cardinals Nelson, ToddTodd Nelson  OG Wisconsin Big Ten
12 319 San Francisco 49ers Antonio Goss  LB North Carolina ACC
12 320 Denver Broncos Javis, JohnJohn Javis  WR Howard MEAC
12 321 New York Jets Snead III, WillieWillie Snead III  WR Florida SEC
12 322 Seattle Seahawks Kors, R.J.R.J. Kors  DB Long Beach State Big West
12 323 Indianapolis Colts Steve Taylor  QB Nebraska Big Eight
12 324 New England Patriots Chubb, AaronAaron Chubb  LB TCU SEC
12 325 Houston Oilers Chuck Hartlieb  QB Iowa Big Ten
12 326 New York Giants Smith, EricEric Smith  DE Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
12 327 New Orleans Saints Cadore, MikeMike Cadore  WR Eastern Kentucky OVC
12 328 Cleveland Browns Brown, MarlonMarlon Brown  LB Memphis State Ind. (I-A)
12 329 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Young, TerryTerry Young  DB Georgia Southern Ind. (I-AA)
12 330 Chicago Bears Weygand, FreddyFreddy Weygand  WR Auburn SEC
12 331 Minnesota Vikings Woodson, ShawnShawn Woodson  LB James Madison Ind. (I-AA)
12 332 Buffalo Bills Marshall, DerrellDerrell Marshall  OT USC Pac-10
12 333 Chicago Bears Phillips, AnthonyAnthony Phillips  OG Oklahoma Big Eight
12 334 Cincinnati Bengals Scott Jones  OT Washington Pac-10
12 335 Minnesota Vikings Ross, EverettEverett Ross  WR Ohio State Big Ten

Supplemental draft

Rnd. Pick No. NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 Dallas Cowboys Steve Walsh  QB Miami (FL) Ind. (I-A)
1 Phoenix Cardinals Timm Rosenbach  QB Washington State Pac-10
1 Denver Broncos Bobby Humphrey  RB Alabama SEC
8 Buffalo Bills Brett Young  DB Oregon Pac-10
12 Dallas Cowboys Mike Lowman  RB Coffeyville J.C. N/A

Hall of Famers

  • Barry Sanders, running back from Oklahoma State, taken third overall by Detroit Lions. 1988 Heisman Trophy winner.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2004[13]
  • Troy Aikman, quarterback from UCLA, taken first overall by Dallas Cowboys.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2006[14]
  • Derrick Thomas, linebacker from Alabama, taken fourth overall by Kansas City Chiefs.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2009 (posthumous)[15]
  • Deion Sanders, cornerback from Florida State, taken fifth overall by Atlanta Falcons.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2011[16]
  • Steve Atwater, safety from Arkansas, taken twentieth overall by Denver Broncos.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2020


In the explanations below, (D) denotes trades that took place during the 1989 Draft, while (PD) indicates trades completed pre-draft.

Round one
  1. ^ No. 11: L.A. Raiders → Chicago (PD). L.A. Raiders traded its first-round selection (11th) and third-round selection in 1990 to Chicago in exchange for WR Willie Gault.
  2. ^ No. 12: Washington → Chicago (PD). Chicago received Washington's first-round selections in both 1988 (27th) and this draft (12th) as compensation for the Redskins signing free agent LB Wilber Marshall.
  3. ^ No. 13: Denver → Cleveland (D). Denver traded its first-round selection (13th) to Cleveland in exchange for the Browns' first-, second-, fifth- and tenth-round selections (20th, 47th, 134th and 241st).
  4. ^ No. 15: Indianapolis → Seattle (PD). Indianapolis traded its first-round selection (15th) and first-round selection in 1990 to Seattle in exchange for LB Fredd Young.
  5. ^ No. 17: Seattle → Phoenix (PD). Seattle traded its first- and fifth-round selections (17th and 128th) and fifth-round selection in 1988 (120th) to Phoenix in exchange for QB Kelly Stouffer.
  6. ^ No. 20: Cleveland → Denver (D). see No. 13: Denver → Cleveland.
  7. ^ No. 22: Philadelphia → Indianapolis (PD). Philadelphia traded its first-round selection (22nd) and fourth-round selection in 1990 to Indianapolis in exchange for G Ron Solt.
  8. ^ No. 24: Minnesota → Pittsburgh (PD). Minnesota traded its first-round selection (24th) to Pittsburgh in exchange for LB Mike Merriweather.
  9. ^ No. 25: Chicago → Miami (D). Chicago traded its first-round selection (25th) to Miami in exchange for the Dolphins' second- and third-round selections (36th and 65th).
  10. ^ No. 26: multiple trades:
           No. 26: Buffalo → Indianapolis (PD). Buffalo traded its first-round selection in 1988 (14th), first- and second-round selections (26th and 53rd) in this draft and RB Greg Bell to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for LB Cornelius Bennett.
           No. 26: Indianapolis → L.A. Rams (PD). Indianapolis then traded all three draft picks received from Buffalo, their own first- and second round selections in 1988 (20th and 47th), their second-round selection (45th) in this draft, Greg Bell and RB Owen Gill to the Rams in exchange for RB Eric Dickerson.
  11. ^ No. 27: Cincinnati → Atlanta (D). Cincinnati traded its first-round selection (27th) to Atlanta in exchange for the Falcons' second- and fourth-round selections (35th and 89th).
Round two
  1. ^ No. 31: Green Bay → Cleveland (D). Green Bay traded its second- and fifth-round selections (31st and 114th) to Cleveland in exchange for the Browns' third- and fifth-round selections (74th and 127th), first-round selection in 1989 and RB Herman Fontenot.
  2. ^ No. 35: Atlanta → Cincinnati (D). see No. 27: Cincinnati → Atlanta.
  3. ^ No. 36: Miami → Chicago (D). see No. 25: Chicago → Miami.
  4. ^ No. 38: Washington → Atlanta (D). Washington traded its second-round selection (38th) and firth-round selection in 1990 to Atlanta in exchange for RB Gerald Riggs and Atlanta's fifth-round selection in 1990.
  5. ^ No. 39: L.A. Raiders → Dallas (D). L.A. Raiders traded its second-, third- and fifth-round selections (39th, 68th and 119th) to Dallas in exchange for the rights to G Steve Wisniewski (drafted by Dallas at 29th in this draft) and Dallas' sixth-round selection (140th).
  6. ^ No. 45: Indianapolis → L.A. Rams (PD). see No. 26: Indianapolis → L.A. Rams.
  7. ^ No. 47: Cleveland → Denver (D). see No. 13: Denver → Cleveland.
  8. ^ No. 51: N.Y. Giants → San Diego (D). The Giants traded its second-round selection (51st) to San Diego in exchange for the Chargers' third-, fourth- and seventh-round selections (64th, 93rd and 175th).
  9. ^ No. 53: Buffalo → L.A. Rams (PD). see No. 26: Indianapolis → L.A. Rams.
Round three
  1. ^ No. 63: Tampa Bay → New England (PD). Tampa Bay traded its third-round selection (63rd) to New England in exchange for WR Stephen Starring.
  2. ^ No. 64: San Diego → N.Y. Giants (D). see No. 51: N.Y. Giants → San Diego.
  3. ^ No. 65: Miami → Chicago (D). see No. 25: Chicago → Miami.
  4. ^ No. 68: multiple trades:
           No. 68: L.A. Raiders → San Diego (PD). The L.A. Raiders traded its third- and fourth-round selections (68th and 95th) and OT John Clay to San Diego in exchange for OT Jim Lachey.
           No. 68: San Diego → L.A. Raiders (PD). San Diego traded both third- and fourth-round selections (68th and 95th) previously traded by the Raiders, and a fourth-round selection in 1990 back to the Raiders in exchange for RB Napoleon McCallum.
           No. 68: L.A. Raiders → Dallas (PD).see No. 39: L.A. Raiders → Dallas.
  5. ^ No. 74: Cleveland → Green Bay (D). see No. 31: Green Bay → Cleveland.
  6. ^ No. 81: Chicago → Philadelphia (D). Chicago traded its third-round selection (81st) to Philadelphia in exchange for the Eagles' fifth-, seventh-, eighth-, ninth-, tenth-, eleventh- and twelfth-round selections (130th, 189th, 216th, 243rd, 270th, 297th and 330rd).
Round four
  1. ^ No. 89: Atlanta → Cincinnati (D). see No. 27: Cincinnati → Atlanta.
  2. ^ No. 93: San Diego → N.Y. Giants (D). see No. 51: N.Y. Giants → San Diego.
  3. ^ No. 95: multiple trades:
           No. 95: L.A. Raiders → San Diego (PD). see No. 68: L.A. Raiders → San Diego.
           No. 68: San Diego → L.A. Raiders (PD). see No. 68: San Diego → L.A. Raiders.
           No. 68: L.A. Raiders → Chicago (D). The Raiders traded their fourth-round selection (95th) to Chicago in exchange for the Bears' fourth- and sixth-round selections (110th and 165th).
  4. ^ No. 96: Washington → New England (D). Washington traded its fourth-round selection (96th) to New England in exchange for the Patriots' fifth-round selection in 1988 (127th).
  5. ^ No. 103: Philadelphia → Seattle (PD). Philadelphia traded its fourth-round selection (103rd) to Seattle in exchange for OT Ron Heller.
  6. ^ No. 110: multiple trades:
           No. 110: Chicago → L.A. Raiders (D). see No. 95: L.A. Raiders → Chicago.
           No. 110: L.A. Raiders → Washington (D). The Raiders traded OT Jim Lachey and this fourth-round selection (110th) to Washington in exchange for QB Jay Schroeder.
Round five
  1. ^ No. 114: Green Bay → Cleveland (D). see No. 31: Green Bay → Cleveland.
  2. ^ No. 116: Kansas City → Cleveland (PD). Kansas City traded its fifth-round selection (116th) to Cleveland in exchange for LB Mike Junkin.
  3. ^ No. 119: multiple trades:
           No. 119: Atlanta → L.A. Raiders (D). Atlanta traded its fifth-round selection (119th) to L.A. Raiders in exchange for WR Jessie Hester.
           No. 110: L.A. Raiders → Dallas (D). see No. 39: L.A. Raiders → Dallas.
  4. ^ No. 122: L.A. Raiders → San Francisco (D). The Raiders traded their fifth-round selection (122nd) to San Francisco in exchange for the 49ers' fifth- and eighth-round selections (139th and 223rd).
  5. ^ No. 124: Washington → Green Bay (D). Washington traded their fifth- and eighth-round selections (124th and 206th) and rights to WR Erik Affholter (drafted by the Redskins at No. 110th) to Green Bay in exchange for the rights to QB Jeff Graham (drafted by the Packers at No. 87).
  6. ^ No. 125: Denver → Dallas (PD). Denver traded its fifth-round selection (125th) to Dallas in exchange for RB Tony Dorsett.
  7. ^ No. 127: multiple trades:
           No. 127: New England → Cleveland (PD). New England traded its fifth-round selection (127th) to Cleveland in exchange for C Mike Baab.
           No. 127: Cleveland → Green Bay (D). see No. 31: Green Bay → Cleveland.
Round six

Round seven

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[notes 1]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Buffalo Bills Louie Aguiar  P Utah State Big West
Buffalo Bills Charlie Baumann  K West Virginia Ind. (I-A)
Buffalo Bills Matt Jaworski  LB Colgate Colonial League
Chicago Bears James Coley  TE Clemson ACC
Chicago Bears Steve Hyche  LB West Alabama Gulf South
Chicago Bears Garrett Limbrick  RB Oklahoma State Big Eight
Chicago Bears Tom Waddle  WR Boston College Ind. (I-A)
Cincinnati Bengals Ken Moyer  OG Toledo MAC
Cincinnati Bengals Todd Philcox  QB Syracuse Ind. (I-A)
Dallas Cowboys Scott Adams  OT Georgia SEC
Dallas Cowboys John Duff  TE New Mexico WAC
Dallas Cowboys Darryl Ford  LB New Mexico State Big West
Dallas Cowboys Kenny Tippins  LB Middle Tennessee OVC
Denver Broncos David Treadwell  K Clemson ACC
Detroit Lions Bruce Alexander  DB Stephen F. Austin Southland
Detroit Lions James Dixon  WR Houston SWC
Houston Oilers Steve Avery  FB Northern Michigan GLIAC
Houston Oilers Erik Norgard  C Colorado Big Eight
Indianapolis Colts Ben Jefferson  OG Maryland ACC
Indianapolis Colts Anthony Parker  CB Arizona State Pac-10
Los Angeles Raiders Keith English  P Colorado Big Eight
Miami Dolphins Andre Brown  WR Miami Ind. (I-A)
New England Patriots Glenn Antrum  WR UConn Yankee
New England Patriots Terrence Cooks  LB Nicholls State Ind. (I-AA)
New England Patriots Peter Shorts  DT Illinois State Gateway
New Orleans Saints Paul Frazier  RB Northwestern State Southland
New Orleans Saints Jason Garrett  QB Princeton Ivy
New York Giants Frank Miotke  WR Grand Valley State GLIAC
New York Giants Björn Nittmo  K Appalachian State SoCon
New York Jets Greg Werner  TE DePauw Ind. (Div. III)
Philadelphia Eagles Anthony Edwards  WR New Mexico Highlands Ind. (Div. II)
Philadelphia Eagles Steve Gabbard  T Florida State Ind. (I-A)
Phoenix Cardinals Kevin Lewis  DB Northwestern State Southland
Pittsburgh Steelers Terry O'Shea  TE California (PA) PSAC
Pittsburgh Steelers Tracy Simien  LB TCU SWC
San Diego Chargers Michael Brooks  DB NC State ACC
San Diego Chargers Wayne Walker  WR Texas Tech SWC
Seattle Seahawks Willie Bouyer  WR Michigan State Big Ten
Seattle Seahawks Rod Stephens  LB Georgia Tech ACC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers John Harvey  RB UTEP WAC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alvin Mitchell  RB Auburn SEC
Washington Redskins Carl Harry  WR Utah WAC


  1. ^ Players are identified as a Pro Bowler if they were selected for the Pro Bowl at any time in their career.


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