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The National Basketball League Rookie of the Year was an annual National Basketball League (NBL) award given between 1983 and 2022 to the top rookie of the regular season. Traditionally for a player to be considered for Rookie of the Year, they must have been an unrestricted non-import player without previous professional experience.[1] This rule was relaxed in 2020 when American Next Star LaMelo Ball was named Rookie of the Year.[2]

The award was discontinued in 2023 following the introduction of the Next Generation Award.[3]


Year Player Nationality Team
1983 Jamie Kennedy  Australia Canberra Cannons
1984 Andrew Gaze  Australia Melbourne Tigers
1985 Mike McKay  Australia Adelaide 36ers
1986 Steve Lunardon  Australia Nunawading Spectres
1987 Greg Hubbard  Australia Illawarra Hawks
1988 Shane Heal  Australia Brisbane Bullets
1989 Justin Withers  Australia Illawarra Hawks
1990 Justin Cass  Australia Hobart Tassie Devils
1991 Andrew Vlahov  Australia Perth Wildcats
1992 Lachlan Armfield  Australia Canberra Cannons
1993 Chris Blakemore  Australia Adelaide 36ers
1994 Sam Mackinnon  Australia South East Melbourne Magic
1995 John Rillie  Australia Brisbane Bullets
1996 Scott McGregor  Australia Newcastle Falcons
1997 Matthew Nielsen  Australia Sydney Kings
1998 David Smith  Australia North Melbourne Giants
1998–99 Damien Ryan  Australia Canberra Cannons
1999–2000 Derek Moore  Australia Sydney Kings
2000–01 Axel Dench  Australia Wollongong Hawks
2001–02 Travis Lane  Australia Sydney Kings
2002–03 Gary Boodnikoff  Australia Sydney Kings
2003–04 Steven Marković  Australia West Sydney Razorbacks
2004–05 Brad Newley  Australia Townsville Crocodiles
2005–06 Mark Worthington  Australia Sydney Kings
2006–07 Joe Ingles  Australia South Dragons
2007–08 Nathan Jawai  Australia Cairns Taipans
2008–09 Aaron Bruce  Australia Adelaide 36ers
2009–10 Jesse Wagstaff  Australia Perth Wildcats
2010–11 Ben Madgen  Australia Sydney Kings
2011–12 Anatoly Bose  Kazakhstan Sydney Kings
2012–13 Cameron Gliddon  Australia Cairns Taipans
2013–14 Tom Jervis  Australia Perth Wildcats
2014–15 Angus Brandt  Australia Sydney Kings
2015–16 Nick Kay  Australia Townsville Crocodiles
2016–17 Anthony Drmic  Australia Adelaide 36ers
2017–18 Isaac Humphries  Australia Sydney Kings
2018–19 Harry Froling  Australia Adelaide 36ers
2019–20 LaMelo Ball  United States Illawarra Hawks
2020–21 Josh Giddey  Australia Adelaide 36ers
2021–22 Bul Kuol  South Sudan Cairns Taipans


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NBL Rookie of the Year Award