Noel Leeming

New Zealand electronics retailer

Noel Leeming
The current logo, used since 2014.[1]
A Noel Leeming branch in Newmarket, 2010.
FormerlyNoel Leeming Television
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded1973; 51 years ago (1973) in Christchurch
FounderNoel Leeming
Number of locations
68 stores (2022)[2]
ParentThe Warehouse Group

Noel Leeming is a retail electronics chain that specializes in selling a wide range of products, including computers, household appliances, TVs, and audio equipment. With 71 stores, including 20 in Auckland,[3] Noel Leeming offers a larger selection of higher-value electronic goods compared to other chains under The Warehouse Group.[4]

In addition to its retail operations, Noel Leeming operates Tech Solutions, a service that provides support, installation, and learning assistance for technology users. This service caters to both in-store and in-home customers, offering comprehensive electronics and whiteware support.[5]


The brand was originally established as "Noel Leeming Television" in 1973, named after its founder.[6] The first Noel Leeming branch opened in Barrington Park Mall in Christchurch.[6][7] Over time, the brand expanded throughout the South Island and opened its first North Island branch in Auckland in 1986. In mid-1992, the brand's founder, Noel Leeming, retired as managing director. The North Island expansion continued rapidly throughout 1993.[6]

In September 1996, Noel Leeming merged with Bond & Bond under the trading group "Pacific Retail Group." At that time, the group operated approximately 90 branches nationwide, consisting of both brands.[6]

In 2004, Gresham Private Equity acquired Pacific Retail Group and renamed it "Noel Leeming Group."[8]

The Warehouse Group purchased Noel Leeming Group from Gresham Private Equity for NZ$65 million, and the acquisition became effective on 10 December 2012.[9] In December 2013, Noel Leeming Group further expanded its services by acquiring Maclean Technology, a team specializing in delivering professional IT services to New Zealand companies.[10]


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