Religious America

PBS documentary series

Religious America was a 1974 American television documentary series produced for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television station WGBH-TV in Boston and covered various religious communities in the United States. The series producer was produced Philip Garvin and directed by Boyd Estus and Philip Garvin. The show included 13 weekly episodes.[1][2]

List of Religious America episodes

Program NumberEpisodeTitleDirected byOriginal air date
1011"Meeting In The Air"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the religious life at Faith Tabernacle Church in Riverside, California, a Pentecostal congregation.[3]
1022"POW"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the faith of a pilot who was captured during the Vietnam War arrives home and is reacquainted with his family.[4]
1033"Lubavitch"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores Hasidic life in Brooklyn, New York. The episode covers the daily life of a Hasidic man associated with the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and focused on Hasidic ritual seclusion from the non-Hasidic society.[5] The production of the episode elicited a critical response from the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement.[6][7]
1044"Lighthouse in Loleta"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episodes explores the Lighthouse Ranch, a Christian commune of 130 young people, in Loleta, California.[8][9]
1055"Koinonia"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the outreach activities of the Koinonia Missionary Baptist Church, located in Gary, Indiana, founded in 1971.[10]
1066"Vina"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the life choices of an American monk at the Abbey of New Clairvaux, a Trappist monastery in Vina, California.[11]
1077"Kundalini"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the world of the Guru Ram Das Ashram commune in rural Massachusetts. The members practice Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism.[12]
1088"Meet Me in Galilee"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
Meet me in the Galilee explores the lives of the members of the St. James Episcopal Church, a prominent parish in New York City founded in 1810.[13]
1099"Crow River Christmas"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
Crow River Christmas explores the religious life of a farming family in Knapp, Minnesota and the North Crow River Lutheran Church which was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1870.[14]
11010"Louise"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the religious life in the small town of Louise, Mississippi.[15]
11111"Resurrection"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
A fifteen-year-old marriage is renewed at the Old Mission Plaza Church, the oldest church in Los Angeles, and the religious center for local Mexican-Americans.[16]
11212"Reba"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
A young family joins the Reba Place Fellowship, a small Christian community in Evanston, Illinois.[17]
11313"Jim"Boyd Estus & Philip Garvin1974 (1974)
This episode explores the religious sentiment of a man in Hanson, Massachusetts. James "Jim" Lewis is 36 years old and considers himself religious despite not attending church.[18]


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